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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  January 19, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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grandmother of an abducted boy >> i don't want to lie, forgive me, he made my stomach turn. >> the grandmother of an abducted boy is not holding back. her message for the man who took him >> her book says that chinese moms are best. we will show you what some local moms had to say to her. shot in the head less than two weeks ago, today on her feet and about to leave the hospital, tonight surveillance video from the day she almost died. not one, not two, but three area airports considered hazards for high lots. -- for pilots. we will kel you about -- we will tell you about the dangerous signals coming from the ground. it's been 30 hours since a
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little boy was kidnapped. still no sign of him or his kidnapper. the 4-year-old was snatched from his grandmother's arms in the town of patterson. there is some new information about what detectives will do tomorrow. >> reporter: about three miles away, there is a canal, and the sheriff's office has discovered apparent -- an unknown object there. here at the home, candles still burn in the driveway where they had a vigil tonight. this is a very close town of 19,000 people and the kidnapping has been devastating. >> reporter: all there was left to do tonight was pray. more than 100 people came to a candlelight vigil at the home. the same place where police say
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a 27-year-old kidnapped a 4- year-old, tearing him from the arms of his grandmother. she did not mince her words. >> since i met him, i never did like him. i don't want to lie. god forgive me, he made my stomach turn when i see him. i never did like him. and he never did like me. but that's okay. >> reporter: this surveillance camera captured rodriguez before the kidnapping tuesday afternoon getting beer at a nearby convenience store. police are now looking for this vehicle, the actual getaway car. the family says he can't get very far since he likely has no more than $300. at up with point investigators thought they pound the car, but it -- found the car but it found out to be a stolen car. >> it cast wind of a -- it was
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kind of a relief. i knew if the car was found, they were not going to be in it. >> reporter: he's not the suspect's biological son. tabitha's is 8 months progress with the kidnapper's baby. he has been hearing voices and that he's likely schizophrenic. >> do you think he would hurt him? >> no, i don't. i don't. i just pray that he comes to his senses and realizes what he's doing is wrong. >> reporter: so to get away car is a toyota corolla. the the family has been busy handing out these fliers. they believe he's headed to san jose. they could not confirm or deny if they had any stakeouts going in san jose. finally, governor jerry brown did send a meaninger tonight to
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tell the -- messager tonight. no decision tonight but parents and students wanted to sound off about some schools. a packed house in walnut creek where there were argument for and against closing schools in the unified cool district. after cutting $50 million over the past few years, the district says it now has to cut another 12 million this year. >> what would be one of the -- it would be one of the worst ideas ever. i know more people think that, too. >> they are recommending a half dozen campuses foreclosure. another meeting will be held next week, the vote on february 8th. a woman at the center of what has become a nationwide conversation about parenting is
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in the bay area tonight. >> reporter: there are a lot of people who wanted to hear what i'm ---- amy wanted to say about chinese parenting. one thing you have to give her, whether you've read the book, tonight when you see her talk, she is very human and if you've ever raised kids you can agree on one thing, if not her parenting style but that parenting is difficult. lined up down to block, they drew in a crowd at the store. she is the inspiration behind the "wall street journal" article why chinese moms are superior. her provocative parenting style has drawn fire and she has been on the defensive. >> i did no research for this book. it's not the a research project. it's a them wa about a lot of my mistakes. >> reporter: despite her
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intentions, it got the blogs buzzing. no sleepovers, no computer games, and hours of piano and vie lynn practice. those were the thunderstorms and -- those were the norms and expected them to be number one in class. >> you don't like the way she's raising her kids in. >> no. >> it reminds me why chinese parents have to be that strict, usually when it's a country of 1 billion people, it's very competitive. >> she tells the story when she called her daughter garbage for acting disrespectful. when she told her friends at a dinner party, she was -- others have reportedly sent her death threats. >> it's sad to me that so many americans seem ready to embrace something that is a way of parenting that is so against our core ideas in america. >> reporter: but she was
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unapologetic saying her household was loving and supportive. >> i didn't write the book to keep about that, because my book was born in a moment of crisis. >> reporter: a moment when her 13-year-old rebelled and she was forced to give in. she believes parents grow up with their kids. it's a journey for everyone. >> but i think she shared her parenting ups and downs. anyone who does that is going to say a few things they are not proud of, too. she's and honest woman and i think she has a lot to say. >> reporter: in that crowded place of books tonight, there were a lot of laughs. she even told a story about her own mother. she says she's worried about her putting out this book. you know what, no chinese person would put a book out like this. >> people are walking out with her book. did she sell any?
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>> she had already sold so many, they only had about four or five copies left when we got here. another step in the legal proceedings against the suspected tucson shooter today. a federal grand jury indicted jared loughner for attempting to kill congresswoman gabrielle giffords and two of her aides. it was a first indictment stemming from the shooting. gabrielle giffords will be moved from the hospital and this shows surveillance video. >> he's not running. the weapon is down at his right side. >> there are multiple victims. >> reporter: as the shots range out that faithful saturday, security cameras were rolling. we have now seen the tape and exactly what he says jared loughner did. >> he walks immediately up to
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congresswoman gabrielle giffords and perhaps within two to three feet fires one bullet right in her forehead. >> he fired 3 # bullets in less -- 32 bullets in less than 15 seconds hitting 19 people. one of them john roll was shielding someone else from taking another bullet. with congresswoman gabrielle giffords expecting to arrive at the at this rehabilitation center, her parents wrote an e- mail. "they want to start aggressive rehab immediately. "mark kelly says she knows she has been in the hospital but did the not know why. she has not know about the shooting or that people died. >> he said the best thing to do in this case with this kind of situation is not to tell her all at once. but to when she starts asking
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questions about it, just answer the questions. >> kelly says he does not question his wife's future. >> she is not going to let this thing, what happened, you know, take her out. she is going to make a full recovery. i don't know what the future holds for her, what she's going to want to do, but she's a fighter. >> reporter: to give you a sense of just how much progress she's made, the overnight she actually reached up and untied her husband's tie. that's one reason doctors say they are not pushing her too fast by letting her go on friday. the house of representatives this afternoon passed a repeal of the healthcare reform law. >> the bill is passed without objection a motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> reporter: the republican party made repeal of the law a goal after it won control of the house. during today's debate, they referred to the law as job killing and social istic.
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small businesses see, parents with children under 26 they see a chance to library rate themselves from the most bureaucratic system in our entire free economy and that's the insurance companies. >> it's symbolic since there is little chance it will pass the senate which is still in the democrats' hands. republicans could now focus on changing specific areas of the law. meanwhile, china's president made a rare admission today, he said a lot needs to be done to improve china's record on human rights. president obama says he has seen chinese attitudes evolving over the years. >> my expectation is that 30 years from now we will have seen further evolution and further change. during today's meetings china
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announced business deals worth $45 billion. president obama says that will create more than 32,000 american jobs. players were invited to the -- mayors invited to the dinner escorted each other. both were invited for making political history as asian american mayors. they were joined by other celebrities there. performance by herby hancock and in case you're wondering what was for dinner, salad, lobster, rib eye steak, they had apple pie for desert. getting sick was not punishment enough. the new trouble for middle school kids who encouraged their classmates to eat rat poison. >> that represents a potential hazard for our pilots in the
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sky. >> bay area airports represent a hazard for pilots. in -- starbucks will let you pay with your phone, well some of you any way. the set of smart phones that will not be included. surf is up at the coast and so are the temperatures. the day that the mild weather trend will end. we will pinpoint that day and your seven-day forecast as eyewitness news continues on the wc. on the cw.
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tonight an update on the san francisco kids that ate that rat poison at school. many of them had been suspended. seven kids at martin luther king middle school last week ingested the poison found on the top of a filing cabinet. some students encouraged the others to try it saying it's candy. none of the kids got sick, luckily the poison control center says the product was
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nontoxic. the school district considers the incident a serious offense. meanwhile, the debate over pizza's -- bright color scheme is over. they met to make a decision on whether it's okay. some people had been complaining. the owner will have to change about 10% of the outside of the building. but for the most part it will remain that yellow and green honoring his brazilian heritage. the en0er tells us -- owner tell us he is thrilled with his results. the restaurant is set to open this saturday. pilots getting blinded by laser pointers right after takeoff or just before landing. all three major bay area airports are among the worst in the nation. >> reporter: final approach to san jose international takes airports right over the top of
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the town. but at least 80 times last year, the pilots concentration was dangerously disrupted by this, the bright light of a laser beam being pointed up by people on the ground into the pilot's eyes. the incidents doubled in the united states last year according to the faa which ranked san jose third among airports for this type of crime. >> that's not a good place to be, because that represents a hazard for our people and pilots in the sky. >> reporter: los angeles international had the most incidents followed by chicago -- oakland international ranged 6th and. laser pointers are readily available at electronics stores or through the internet and they can cost just a couple of dollars. anyone of any age can buy them. why so many incidents in san jose. >> it might be the fact this is
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silicon valley. nobody knows for sure. but what we do know, it's a hazard. people should never do it, never point it at a person, at an airplane, ever. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies say they shine them at their helicopters during night patrols. last year they made some arrests. sergeant jim was in the cockpit when it happened. >> the initial point of the laser is very small but when it gets to be four to five miles away, the size of the actual beam is quite alarmer and basically what happens is that the aircraft, the fuse lodge is -- it's curved, it acts like apprizism and it can temporarily blind or cause
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damage to a pilot's eyes. >> reporter: in fact, pointing a laser at a commercial airliner is a federal offense and the fbi is now starting to investigate. in san jose. a spectacular day around the day. roberta is going to tell us what's coming up next. all the way up to 71 degrees today in santa rosa. tonight we have mostly clear skies. that's why we are able to pick up the full moon. boy, everybody is talking about just how brightly lit the nighttime sky is. and with the lack of cloud cover tonight, it's going to get much colder than it was last night dropping down to near freezing in santa rosa, otherwise 30s and 40s across the bay. low 40s, delta. winds are now beginning to dial back. 42 overnight low in santa clara. your morning commute, bundle
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up, you will be able to see that sunup officially at 7:22. high pressure, it's a big dome that continues to strengthen over the western states. as it does so, is returning us to an off store flow. we have a short wave trough. this served a very important role. it's scrubbed out the low clouds and the fog. we are certainly into a dry weather pattern but we're doing okay. percentage of normal totals range from 80% in san jose to 124% north of the golden gate bridge. tomorrow, a dry day. dry air mass with those north easterly winds becoming pretty breezy late day. otherwise, 70 degrees in santa rosa. low 60s in san jose. 61 in san francisco. here's the extended forecast. we're talking no rain drops at least for the next seven full
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days. so you might want to even consider perhaps this weekend, a 17--mile drive. >> gail sent us this. it's glorious. keep the photos coming. i can't tell you how many moon shots i got tonight. >> boy, did the people love you tonight. >> and i lover them. >> -- i love them. >> where the moon shines bright tonight. pretty soon you will be able to pay for a grande latte with your phone. it's a product that starbucks has been testing. they will soon be in all 7800 of its stores. first it will only work with certain blackberries, iphones and the ipodtouch. but starbucks is still developing the app for android devices. you lower the lights to change the mood sometimes, but can it also change your utility bill? what the dim mer really does, tonight's good question. [ male announcer ] when sean was looking at mba programs,
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off, on, and dim. but what does that mean for your power bill? itiesed to be you had just -- it used to be you had just off
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and on. now you have dim. but what does that mean for your power bill. do the dimmer switches really save on energy. that's tonight's good question. >> reporter: you got your mood lighting controlled by the your dimmer switch on the wall and your mood could improve when you find out you're saving energy. >> if i walk into my house and turn down my dimmer, am i actually saving energy? >> in most cases, yes, because the dimmer switches are built using electronic switches called a triac. >> show me the formula for how this works. >> okay. the power is equal to voltage times the current. >> i knew that. >> reporter: san francisco's state's electronic professor plains that it's a device that's built within the dimmer
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switch that turns the electricity on and off in rapid success. so fast that your eyes can't see it. >> this is just like watching a movie. basically, if there are 16 frames per second, you see continuous movement. >> the new dimmers don't store the heat and electricity like the old resistor type. our meter proves it. watch the watttage drop as we dim the bulb. he says it would make sense to go around your home and install new dimmers and it doesn't take a lot of sense to do it. ours cost less than $5. go to click on the icon to send me your good question. fee court is now in session.
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only bucket. down a bucket. crunch time. game tied at 108. man take for the win -- monta for the win. the warriors have won three straight. randy bennet saint mary's hosting san diego. jones began his career at university of san diego. tonight he took it to the -- steal and slam. he had the lead in the second half but jones got hot. they win the 11th straight. tight end zach miller has been added to the pro bowl replacing gates. he led the raiders three seasons. first pro bowl appearance. tiger woods will make his 2011 debut in san diego. he's one of last five times he's played that course including the 2008 u.s. open. of course, tiger did not win a single tournament in 2010. >> i'm predicting three wins
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this season for tiger, including a major. >> leave the predictions up to the weather girl. >> thank you. ,, ,,,,,[ male announcer ] myron needed an mba to turn his technology into a business.
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